Pavilion Cafe

Client | Mrs R Farquhar

Contractor | Coyle & Son

Completed |July 2015

Rosie came to us after she say that the former Melville Bowling club had closed down and Angus council had put it up for lease.  She had always admired the quaint building and its picturesque location and decided to look into converting the building into a small cafe.

The brief was simple…. and the building was small.  Create  a unique cafe within this listed timber pavilion that serves fresh, simple, local food.

The main room in the building was utilised as the main cafe floor which can seat about 30 people.  Within that space sits a central coffee bar counter and access to the open kitchen which has a small store room and pot wash area.  To the left of counter is a unisex toilet which has reused some unique original ironmongery.

The issue in here was always going to be storage, but we evolved the design to utilise the rear wall as a large modern shelving system with pocket cupboards and open storage for crockery, books, cakes etc, which works exceptionally well within the small space.

Although this cafe was once a bowling pavilion it has not lost its sense of history…. The cafe has many original features left when the bowling club closed.  Bowling Balls, Score Boards and many other features adorn the space and the new signage also gives testament to its history by stating the buildings year of opening in 1911.

The cafe has not been open a year, but has already has won the best eatery in Angus award.

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Pavilion Cafe