GSK | API Facility

Client | GSK Montrose

Contractor | Doosan Babcock

Engineer | Cameron & Ross

Completed | May 2016

At the forefront of the API Buildings design was the ‘Pharmaceutical process’ which it was to house, this is a gravity fed system which lends itself to being contained in a building with a distinct maximum height.   This is the main ethos behind why the GSK API facility achieves the 25m height it currently stands at.   Once the buildings overall volume & dimensional parameters were roughly agreed, the Design team (which includes a number of Site, Civil, Structural Engineers along with architectural and pharmaceutical designers plus various sub-contractor teams) then had to agree on a building design that was both practical, aesthetically would fit into it’s industrial environment but also compliment it’s predominant location on the coastline of Montrose.
The conceptual idea for the Mono-pitch roof stemmed from these discussions as we wanted to limit the maximum overall roofline, we felt this would provide support to improve the visual impact of the building. The Mono-pitch roof also add’s a design variation to what are 4no. very large building elevations, this was completed in a practical way that would not effect the API Buildings chemical process. Following on with this thought are the contrasts in the cladding patterns which were retained from the original concepts to allow for balanced visual diversity within the fabric of the building.
The cladding also supports GSK’s overall site design rationale for Montrose, from the outset GSK wanted a building that complimented the site & integrated seamlessly with the other buildings continuing site symmetry and conformance. The API Buildings materials & colour selection adhere to GSK’s overall site vision, in that the composite cladding & the 2no. grey colours reflect the current GSK and the future development at GSK Montrose as it moves forward. However the ‘Plant’ & ‘Instrumentation rooms’ on the Ground Floor South Elevation are formed using a ‘red’ brick similar to many of the existing site buildings. The masonry material like the cladding provides an important visual link within the API Building to the existing GSK Site. Providing a continued reminder to the unique history of the GSK Site and the existing buildings still present. Thin linear Glazing was included within the Fire Escape Stair towers on the East & West Elevations of the API Building providing a practical purpose both in terms of creating organic lighting into these dark areas & also supports safe access for the Fire Authorities.
The API Building is a ‘practical’ Industrial Building, with which a large amount of thought and innovation from numerous specialist individuals have been included both interms of Engineering and Design.

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